English: Aquapedagogy – Movie 2 DVDs – 49,90€


A new way of learning how to swim-

a large step towards greater safety for children.

Children from 3 to 5 years are able to swim much safer and more versatilely than most average swimmers !

This three-hour film is a step-by-step guide to be used by experts and laymen alike. It can generally be applied to any age group, in any type of pool.

The focus is on exceptional, child-oriented content that conveys fun, enjoyment and a high level of versatility. Playful safety training, exercises that specifically appeal to children´s creativity, and great freedom to try things lead to water safety in all kind of situations.

The emphasis is on the development of simple, natural forms of movement. Techniques required for competitive swimming are deliberately neglected at first. This is age-appropriate and anables children to quickly deal with apparently precarious situations.

The film reveals many ways of successfully teaching children to swim – without any pressure and without the requirement for practioners to be exceptionally good swimmers.

It consists of 2 DVDs.

The first DVD supplies background information on Aquapedagogy and introduces the concept´s particular characteristics, goals and contents.Additionally, five high-ranking experts from different fields stress the benefits of this proven taeching method.

The second DVD documents a regular swimming course carried out according to the concept´s guidelines – with twelve children, ten of them three-year-olds. It is virtual time-table with 25 sequences that makes individual course planning easy.

The film promotes early swimming lessons with the aim of turning children from three years onwards into safe self-sufficient swimmer. It shows how this goal can be effectively reached and encourages parents to take the necessary steps.

 PRICE : 49,90 €